Dedication and Consecration Beit Olam East Cemetery, Wayland, MA

The Beit Olam East Cemetery in Wayland, MA was dedicated and consecrated in a service on November 7, 2010. For inquiries, please call the JCAM office at 617-244-6509.

A century after one of N.Y.’s worst fires, we still struggle with how to bury the poor

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Workers marched in protest after the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist fire, in which hundreds of young women died because of unsafe working conditions. (Kheel Center/HBO)

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Jewish Perspectives

Stan Kaplan appears on Channel 7’s Jewish Perspectives (Sunday, Dec. 26, 2010) speaking about the new Beit Olam East Cemetery.

Disaster Management

In March, 2010 the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts experienced the worst flooding in over 100 years on the Baker Street Memorial Park Cemetery in West Roxbury. Nearly half of the 50 cemetery complex was underwater and impassable by funeral processions since the roadway was under 20” of water for 4 weeks. And in the cemetery profession, 4 weeks is an eternity!

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Cremation: A Jewish Perspective

Cremation: A Jewish Perspective

By Stan Kaplan, Executive Director, Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachussetts

Good morning and thank you for coming to JCAM’s 2nd Annual Management Symposium for Massachusetts Jewish Cemeteries. I’m Stan Kaplan, JCAM’s Executive Director, I will be serving as your moderator this morning. Shalom Aleichem. "What does Judaism say about cremation" is our final subject for today.

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Burial statistics

Well, I have another question for any JCANA member that might read this post:

Here in St. Louis, several of our Jewish cemeteries observed significant decreases in annual interments between 2008 and 2009. (We’re talking double-digit numbers here!)  Did any of our other members have a similar experience in 2009?  I’d like to hear from any of you, whether your numbers were up or down.

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Happy New Year To All!

I’m still trying to “sell” our Forum to all of our members, and even prospective members.  So I’ll keep putting posts on the Forum in hopes that others will see them and respond, and get used to using JCANA’s Forum for discussing matters with others in JCANA.

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